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Get Up To $888 USD Bonus & $30 TESLA Shares Special Offer With Invest101 Tiger Brokers SG Referral Code

Tiger Brokers is offering one of the best account opening bonuses in Singapore. Invest101 is partnering with Tiger Brokers with a special offer, new users in Singapore can unlock up to USD $888 free stocks and USD $30 TESLA shares by signing up using our unique referral code or referral link.

In this guide, I will cover everything you need to know about this offer including:

  • All rewards you can expected
  • How to get the official rewards
  • How to get our special reward
  • What is Tiger BOSS Debit Card
  • Background of Tiger Brokers

So let’s get started !

Tiger Brokers SG Welcome Gifts & Bonus

During the promotion period, users in Singapore will get the below rewards* if they sign up and open an account with Tiger Brokers (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (“Tiger Brokers”) with our referral code「INVEST101」or referral link :

Promotion Period: from now on until 31/03/2024 15:59 (SGT)

Eligibility : Singaporeans and users based in Singapore who are opening account for the first-time.

Official RewardsAccount Opening1) Unlimited Commission-Free Trades for HK & SG & China A Stocks for 365 days
Unlimited Commission-Free Trades for U.S.

2) Stocks for 180 days (promotion period extended to 23:59 31/3/2024 for U.S. Stocks only)
Official RewardsActivate the auto-sweep feature on Tiger Vault30-days (trading days only) interest bonus boosted to 8% p.a. (for selected fund)
Official RewardsFirst Deposit>03 months SGX LV2 advanced quotes (worth SGD 60)
Official RewardsFirst Deposit ≥ SGD 300 and maintain at least SGD 210 for 30 calendar daysUSD 10 of Apple fractional shares (NASDAQ: AAPL)
Official RewardsFirst Deposit ≥ SGD 1,000 and maintain at least SGD 700 for 30 calendar days, complete 5 New BUY TradesUSD 30 of Apple fractional shares (NASDAQ: AAPL)
1 sure-win draw attempt (get free fractional shares valued between USD 8.8- USD 888)
Special Bonus
First Deposit ≥ SGD 1,500 within 7 days from account openingUSD 30 of Tesla fractional shares (NASDAQ: TSLA)
To withdraw rewards proceeds, clients must have completed at least 10 trades, excluding those under USD 3 or currency exchanges.

*T&Cs Apply

How To Get Invest101 Special Bonus

Follow these simple steps to qualify for the additional USD 30 of Tesla fractional shares special bonus:

  1. Open a new Tiger Brokers SG account using this referral link.
  2. Alternatively, users can enter the referral code「INVEST101」during sign up process.
  3. Deposit SGD 1,500 or more into the account within 7 days upon success account open.


For account opening process, please refer to this help document for more information.

How To Get The Apple Fractional Shares And Draw Attempt

  • Stock Rewards Activation Conditions: 
    • For USD 10 Apple fractional shares, make the first deposit ≥ SGD 300 and maintain at least SGD 210 for 30 calendar days after issuance.
    • For USD 30 Apple fractional shares, make the first deposit ≥ SGD 1,000 and maintain at least SGD 700 for 30 calendar days after issuance. Meanwhile, execute 5 new BUY trades duration the promotion period, the price of a single share and the value of the trade should be greater than USD 1, a share price below USD 1 in a trade will not be counted. The BUY trades apply to STK, Fund, WAR, FUT and OPT. (FOREX and IPOT are not included.)
    • Same requirement applies to 1 sure-win draw attempt.

How To Get The Commission-free Trades Card

  • Claiming Process: Users need to access the Rewards Center in the Tiger Trade App to claim the Commission-free trade card within 20 calendar days before expiry.
  • Usages:
    • The card only waives commission fees charged by Tiger Brokers but not platform or third-party fees.
    • Activation takes effect immediately, and it must be used within the validity period.
    • If multiple cards of the same type exist, validity period extends automatically.
    • Trades are executed on a pre-deducted and rebated basis.
    • Orders must be filled during the card’s validity period for successful use.
    • Selection of specific trades for card application is possible in newer app versions.
    • Canceling or changing trades manually is allowed.
    • Orders tied to the card must be fully filled before its expiry for successful use.
  • Refund Process:
    • Upon order completion, the card is deducted once.
    • Commissions are refunded as cash to the client’s Tiger account within 1 minute of order completion.
    • Commission refund details can be checked through various three routes : the [Rewards Center] or via [Tiger Trade App>Portfolio>Orders] or [Tiger Trade App>Portfolio>More>Fund Details].
  • Expiration and Cancellation:
    • Unlimited Commission-free trade cards must be used within the validity period.
    • Unused cards are automatically canceled after expiry.
  • Additional Notes: The card cannot be used for exercised option orders.

How To Get The 8% p.a. Boosted Interest Bonus

  • Reward Issuance:
    • Interest coupon will be issued within 1 business day after activating the “Auto-Sweep” feature on Tiger Vault.
    • Interest coupon provided for a 30-day (trading days only) bonus at 8% p.a.
  • Activation Process:
    • After receiving the interest coupon, subscription to selected Tiger Vault Funds required within 14 days.
    • Coupon expires if not activated within the stipulated period.
  • Selected Fund :
    • Funds include LIONGLOBAL SGD MONEY A (SGD) and CSOP USD Money Market Fund (USD).
    • Each coupon covers 30 trading days of valid interest rate increase days.
  • Subscription and Activation:
    • Subscription amount must reach SGD 1, and corresponding fund units confirmed for automatic activation.
    • Interest bonus starts from the next trading day after fund unit confirmation.
    • Maximum subscription of USD 10,000 per interest coupon.
  • Reward Allocation:
    • If total positions in selected funds are ≤ USD 10,000, all positions entitled to 8% p.a. bonus.
    • If total positions in selected funds exceed USD 10,000, the fund with higher position amounts will be prioritised for interest rate increases.
  • Return Details:
    • Clients can view issued coupons in the Rewards Center for daily expected return bonus details.
    • Interest cash reward credited to participant’s Tiger account on the 31st trading day after activation.
  • Disclaimer on Returns:
    • Tiger Brokers subsidizes interest rate on top of fund’s earnings, up to 8% p.a.
    • Actual return equals selected fund’s annualized return plus Tiger Brokers’ subsidy.
    • Clients may directly receive actual return if fund’s performance exceeds 8% p.a.

Tiger BOSS Debit Card:Earn 1% Card Spend In Tesla Fractional Shares

Tiger BOSS Debit Card is the first-ever debit card that earns users 1% of their card spend in Tesla Fractional Shares.

How to Participate ?

Step 1: Account sign up 

Clients need to have signed up and downloaded the Tiger Trade App (Version 9.1.4) to be eligible to participate in the campaign 

Step 2: Sign up for the Tiger BOSS Debit Card 

Clients can login to the Tiger Trade APP to register for the Tiger BOSS Debit Card.

  • Profile > Debit Card > Apply now

Step 3: Make a successful transaction on your Tiger BOSS Debit Card before 30 April 2024 

Please refer to 3.1.1 on categories that do not qualify as a successful transaction on the Tiger BOSS Debit Card. 

Step 4: Customers who fulfill all criteria from Step 1 -3 will qualify to receive 1% of their spend in Tesla fractional shares 

  • User will receive 1% of their eligible spend in Tesla fractional shares T+1 into their Tiger BOSS debit card’s cashback wallet. 
  • Eligible customers will be able to view his/her fractional shares received via the Tige Trade APP: 
    • Portfolio > Debit Card > Cashback 
  • User must earn more than SGD 1 in cashback on T+0 to redeem the fractional shares on T+1 • If a user has not earned more than SGD 1 in cashback, he/she must accumulate spending on the Tiger BOSS Debit Card in order for him/her to redeem. 

Note: Customers will only be able to sell off their fractional shares when it has reached the value of USD 1 and up.

Tiger Brokers Background

Tiger Brokers, established in 2014, is a global online brokerage firm with offices in Singapore, New York, Beijing, Auckland, and Sydney. Through its advanced technology, Tiger enables clients to trade a diverse range of securities worldwide via its flagship mobile app, Tiger Trade.

With over 800 employees, Tiger Brokers holds brokerage licenses in Singapore, the U.S., New Zealand, and Australia. It was listed on NASDAQ in March 2019 (ticker: TIGR) and boasts prestigious shareholders like Interactive Brokers, Xiaomi, ZhenFund, and investor Jim Rogers.

Recognized for its innovative platform, Tiger Brokers has been featured on KPMG’s Fintech 100 and C.B. Insights’ List of Unicorn Companies. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, it facilitates trading across various currencies, markets, and products.

Tiger Brokers (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and operates solely within Singapore. It does not solicit investors from other jurisdictions such as China, Malaysia, and Vietnam. The content on its website is for informational purposes only and not an offer or recommendation for investment products or services.



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